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29 days


After wedding and graduation excitement it was time to say “see you later”yet again. It’s like we blinked and here we go again.

This time Hunter was sent to North Carolina for 29 days of MCT. Let me tell you , it was the longest 29 days of my life. We couldn’t write letters and there were no phone calls. Not that they would’ve  had time if it were allowed. They were in the field the whole time.

About half way through this journey I found out I was able to visit during his Liberty Sunday before his graduation. We had thought I wouldn’t be able to go at all because of my softball schedule. Very quickly I set up a plan to surprise him. I went up with his mom , grandmother , and siblings. The 9 hour drive after two long softball games was well worth it as soon as I saw his smile.

When he was released for Liberty, he saw his mom first and hugged her. When I walked up and finally got to be in his arms , his look was priceless. If I could make him smile like that for the rest of our lives I promise there would never be a day I wouldn’t. We enjoyed spending the whole day with him , playing pool and seeing the base. All too soon we were saying goodbyes again. That Tuesday he graduated and headed to Missouri. Where he’s currently going to school for his MOS.

He graduates at the end of June and you have no idea how happy this Marine wife is. I can’t wait to learn where we’re headed this summer! I’m very excited to continue our journey and can’t wait to see what we experience together.

Thank you so much for reading!


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