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28 weeks!

I am officially in the third trimester! This week has been pretty rough , but it is so exciting to be in the last trimester. It feels unreal that little man will be here in what could be two months if he's here before his due date. I'm due August 13th , but I've felt… Continue reading 28 weeks!


Second trimester (20 weeks – 27 weeks)

So continuing on from my last post! At 20 weeks we found out baby's gender and baby is a ........... Boy! We were honestly so shocked to find out that we're having a boy, but we're so so so excited!  Around week 20 is when my symptoms started to change.  Long gone was the morning… Continue reading Second trimester (20 weeks – 27 weeks)

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Second trimester (13 weeks – 20 weeks)

  (15 weeks and 3 days)      I know there is some people who say the second trimester starts after 12 weeks and ends at 27 weeks,but I'm going with 13 weeks to 28 weeks which is fine. I think a majority of people go by the same thing. I have no idea because… Continue reading Second trimester (13 weeks – 20 weeks)

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First trimester (6 week – 13 weeks)

   Call me crazy but a couple weeks before we found out I swore I knew I was pregnant. I'm still 95% sure I felt those implantation cramps and that's when I knew. Maybe it's because I wanted to be pregnant so bad , so I was paying closer attention to everything happening in my… Continue reading First trimester (6 week – 13 weeks)