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The most exciting announcement!


  On December 17th we found out that we’re expecting! Of course I am now almost 28 weeks pregnant , but I want to fill everyone in really quickly. 

I believe once September rolled around we started talking more seriously about when we wanted to start our family. Very quickly we decided that we felt good about where we were at that point and felt ready to try. At the time I had had the Mirena IUD (which is a 5 year device) since right before my junior year of high school started , so probably around three years and a couple months. So we had no idea how long it would even take to get pregnant once I had it taken out. I think around the second or third week in September it was removed. About the time of thanksgiving , the week before I believe I just felt off. Even though I knew that I couldn’t be right ,  I thought maybe I could be pregnant. I mentioned it to my husband , but soon after we left for Tennessee to celebrate thanksgiving so we were distracted enough to not really think of it again. Once we got back we had the ball on December 1st , and I still just felt pregnant. Looking back I was so sure that I had tested soon after that but I have a note on my phone that I tested the 17th. So I know we had friends over that night and the next morning I decided to test. To my surprise it was positive! Hunter had left to take one of his friends who had stayed the night with us back to base and I wrote a little note and put the test with it so that’s how he found out. I have a video of it on my phone and it is one of the sweetest moments, he smiled so big and was like “I’m for real going to be dad?” and hugged me and between you and me he cried a little , but don’t tell him I said that.

It was a crazy couple months after that , we had to leave for Tennessee again this time for two/two and a half weeks for Christmas and once we got back we had to set up appointments and figure out when to start telling people,but I’ll talk more about that in the next post!

Thank you for reading! 


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