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First trimester (6 week – 13 weeks)


 Call me crazy but a couple weeks before we found out I swore I knew I was pregnant. I’m still 95% sure I felt those implantation cramps and that’s when I knew. Maybe it’s because I wanted to be pregnant so bad , so I was paying closer attention to everything happening in my body.  It was still a total shock,but I felt like I knew before the test I took! So this is what happened through the first trimester which was November through February. Even though we found out for sure on December 17th, November still counts for me as I was experiencing symptoms I just didn’t have that confirmation.

                                                       Symptoms –

(So besides noticing I had cramping from the timing that would be implantation , I can remember a few other symptoms.)

Cramping- I had cramping from week one or two , which ever it is that implantation happens till probably 13 weeks so right at the end of the first trimester.

Morning sickness/nauseousness – around week 5 or 6 when we were finding out , I noticed I was starting to get nauseous in the mornings and at night. This continued until 15 weeks I believe. I never actually threw up sorry if that’s TMI , but I was very very nauseous especially if I hadn’t had food in the morning soon after I woke up.

Fatigue- So along with the cramping and missed period one of my first signs was how tired I was. I was beginning to take naps during the day which was pretty unusual for me. This is still happening at 27 week and 5 days. But I did have a little break from it around 18 to 20 ish weeks I believe.

Breast pain- another sign for me was breast/nipple tenderness , which is one of the more annoying symptoms. Thankfully that didn’t last very long probably until 11-12 weeks.

Moodswings- I did become more emotional as the weeks went on , not super bad at first but I know I shed a few tears over silly things. Like our puppy being just too cute.

Vivid dreams-  I had so so so many awful dreams in the first trimester and occasionally I still do

Food cravings/ aversions-  from the beginning I craved (and still sometimes do) Chinese food , sweets , I even craved the plain lays chips (that started weeks before we found out) Also salads and chips and mild salsa. On the flip side of that I couldn’t stand the smell of chicken , It still isn’t one of my favorite things even though I love chicken. I always wanted something spicy but in the first trimester eating anything too spicy or even the smell of it made me really nauseous. Which made it hard to hide when we went to a mexican restaurant with Hunters family during the time we were home for christmas. I was miserable.

Discharge- I did notice discharge around the 6 weeks mark. Which again is one of the more unpleasant symptoms.

And I believe the very last thing I can remember from the first trimester is a few times of spotting. It happened maybe twice or three times in the first trimester and again early into the second. Every time was super scary of course but since there wasn’t anything other than a drop or two of blood my doctor wrote it off quickly as nothing.

On February 8th I had my first appointment to confirm for sure I was pregnant , and then on the 10th we got to go to our first ultrasound to finally see and hear the baby. At that appointment I was 13 weeks and 5 days. Baby had a strong heartbeat at 153 and looked amazing and healthy. We did have a bit of a funny scare, the doctor thought maybe he saw another baby ,but as we know now there is only one little one in there! That is where I will end for the day. I will post again soon About my second trimester experience which is over this Sunday(May 21st) , it has flown by!

                  thank you for reading! 


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