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29 weeks update!

 We have officially gone through 29 weeks of this pregnancy!

According to the app I use little man was 15.2 inches and 2.54 pounds basically the size of an acorn squash.


exhausted- sleep has started to be hard to come by recently and it’s leaving me super exhausted.

swollen feet/ankles- this is the first week I experienced swollen feet , I was starting to think I was going to skip out on this , but lucky me it popped up!

nesting- I am still experiencing nesting and it is crazy as ever. I want the whole house to be spotless and for his room to be completely done already. (which we did get most of his room done over memorial day weekend) 

Hunger- increased hunger is still very much a thing , and I’m starting to believe this symptoms will be with me till he decides to make his appearance.

I did have an appointment at 29 weeks and 5 days , I had gained two pounds since my last appointment 4 weeks ago but I checked again today and was back down.  Sanderson did give the doctor a hard time , he wouldn’t stay still long enough to get his heartbeat so she basically had to hold him in place, so he’s still quiet the stubborn boy! He was also measuring 3 weeks ahead I believe is what the doctor said. So now we are scheduling an appointment for next week to see how big he is. Which I’m pretty excited about because I had thought our 20 week ultrasound would be the last one.  I can’t wait to see how he’s grown and see if he’s changed any that I can tell.

My husband’s family came for memorial day weekend and we had lots of fun catching up and putting things together for little man. We got to put the crib and changing table/dresser together . I washed all of his towels and clothes and we sorted those. So his dresser and closet are pretty much organized , I may add or change a few things but we will see. We still need a glider , diaper pail , and of course more diapers among other little things , but we are almost prepared for him. Having all of this done has lifted a big weight off my shoulders because before now I felt completely unprepared. Who’s really prepared to have their first baby though? haha

I believe that’s all I have for this weeks update , hopefully there will be more to update on this coming week. I just can’t believe we are already down to 10 weeks (or less) for his arrival when I post this!

Thank you so much for reading! 


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