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30 weeks + stressful news

The weeks are continuing to fly by , I’m 31 weeks as I write this and I can not believe we are down to less than 9 weeks until we meet baby boy!

30 weeks + 2 days!

At 30 weeks according to my app baby was 15.7 inches and 2.89 pounds , the size of a zucchini.

I have not been experiencing too many symptoms during the week but the ones I have experienced are :


  • light headed / shaky / hot- with this one I believe it has been hot flashes , but I’ll get light headed and my hands will shake or I’ll be dizzy and hot.
  • restless leg– I have started feeling restless leg , it happens when I’m trying to lay down and go to sleep and it is super annoying
  • exhaustion- the exhaustion has gotten worse as I have entered the 30’s and I wish more than anything it would just give me a break , but I can not get that lucky
  • nausea- I have started to experience random bouts of nausea again , usually if  I haven’t ate yet but it does happen randomly as well
  • Braxton hicks- I’m not completely sure if they are Braxton hicks or not , I am a first time mom so it’s all new to me , but I think I have experienced a couple


So after my last appointment with me measuring ahead when the doctor measured my stomach they had me schedule another ultrasound , which was exciting because we hadn’t seen him since 20 weeks! The ultrasound was June 8th and I was 30 weeks and 4 days along. Baby boy was so big he didn’t fit all on the screen. It’s crazy how fast they grow and get to that point. They checked his measurements and he was actually right on and was 3.5 pounds which is apparently on the smaller end. They said he’s estimated to be 7 to 7.5 pounds at birth which is average as far as I know. I was hoping he wasn’t going to be estimated at like 8 pounds or more so I’m happy with that, and yes I know it can be off because like I said it is just an estimate.

Other than that we got some pretty stressful news this week. My husband is set to deploy around my due date. Now we’re so stressed over this obviously. We want him to be able to be here and see his first child be born , of course meet him and spend at least a little time with him. So I’ve done a little research and I will be asking my doctor at my next appointment if there’s anyway we can set an induction date at 39 weeks or around there. I know that’s very controversial , but I’m not asking for anything before 39 weeks that’s dangerous obviously and our hospital would never do that anyways. If it wasn’t for multiple factors I wouldn’t be asking. We live 9 hours away from family , my parents and his do not have the freedom to just ask for the whole month of august off to be with me incase I go into labor and my husband as already left. They will not be able to come until after baby is here , I know it’s crazy but that’s how it works for their work schedules. I would rather have a set date and know my husband is here and I have someone to drive me when I do go into labor if it is before that date or to drive me to get induced. We also have a puppy we have to have someone available to watch and the person who said they would watch him is in my husbands unit so obviously he won’t be here once they do leave. So yes there are reasons for it and it’s not just because we feel bad about if he misses the birth. We do not want me in a situation  where I am alone and have to give birth in our apartment because I have no way to the hospital and no one to make sure our pup is taken care of while I’m in the hospital. I will be staying here and not moving home , because we have already resigned our year lease before getting the news and there just isn’t enough time or money or us to end our lease , pack up and get everything we have back home , and for me to find a doctor there to deliver the baby and know it’s covered by our insurance. I also don’t want to move into my in laws or my parents house with a newborn , mainly because I’m so used to living in my own house and having my own things that I would go crazy living in someone else’s home for 6+ months. Also not having enough space would also be an issue , but I feel very sure of being able to live alone with our son with no problems.  So yes we’re very stressed but hopeful everything works out with such short notice!

That’s all I have for now , Thank you so much for reading!


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