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Maybe moving ? 31 week update!

Officially 31 weeks pregnant!

This week was my 31st week being pregnant , It is super crazy that we could have anywhere from eight weeks or less till we meet our son! I will say as the pregnancy continues it gets harder. I am getting more and more exhausted as the days go on , which I know it’s normal for your third trimester, but it’s getting pretty ridiculous.

So on top of the news of my husband leaving , we have started thinking of moving on base. Is it crazy to try to move late in pregnancy? Probably.  My husband is gone for two weeks for a field op and the day after he gets back we’re going to see how long it would take for a house to be available for us. If we do decide that it’s the best thing for us , we maybe moving when I’m like 37 weeks or later. Doesn’t seem the smartest because baby could come any day as we get later and later in this pregnancy , but for the last few weeks timing hasn’t been on our side anyways.  There’s a lot of things we didn’t think of till now that we like about living on base. Currently it would be the fact that I would be a lot more protected than I am in our current townhouse. With him being away for a long amount of time and having a newborn ,I know I’ll feel so much safer on base than out in town. Besides the houses are actually pretty nice. The only thing that will suck is having to pack up the nursery and set it back up. If anyone sees this that is a military spouse , let me know your pro’s and con’s of living on base!

Alright so on to baby and the symptoms I have had lately 

Baby at 31 weeks:

Length-  16.1 inches

Weight- 3.31 pounds

as big as asparagus!

At my ultrasound at 30 weeks + 5 days baby Sanderson weighed 3.5 pounds according to the ultrasound tech. So I know he already passed this , but that’s just what my app says.


  • Nausea – nausea has come back like during the first trimester
  • Exhaustion- like I said earlier I am SO tired as the days/weeks go on
  • Restless leg- any time I go to lay down in bed or it’s close to the time I would be going to sleep my left leg twitches and can’t be kept still
  • Braxtonhicks– I have now determined I am having some braxton hicks , not too frequently but at least 3 times a day depending on if I have been on my feet a lot or not
  • light headed/dizzy- still having these weird light headed or dizzy  moments which I am going to talk to my doctor about at my next appointment because this coupled with some of my other symptoms could be a sign I have Preeclampisa 
  • headaches- this started happening at the end of this week , not having too many of them but yet other symptom I had in early pregnancy 
  • getting hot easier- I have started getting hot a lot more , it could just be that it is getting in the 80’s/90’s everyday now in North Carolina  or it could be that I’m getting bigger , or both LOL 
  • hard time sleeping- this could go along with the exhaustion and restless leg but it is getting harder to fall asleep and stay asleep which isn’t helping with me being tired but no matter how hard I try I can not get to sleep some nights until early in the morning or, like a couple nights ago , not at all. 
  • heart  burn/ acid reflex – this is something I have experienced on and off through my whole pregnancy but it is back again this week 

So yes , it seems like my symptoms are going full circle. A lot of my symptoms I am experiencing I had experienced in my first trimester/early second trimester. It is super crazy to me that these last few weeks are going by so quickly. Soon I will have my little one with me and my husband and I can not wait! I believe that is all for this week.

Thank you so much for reading! 


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