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Could baby come early ? ~32 week pregnancy update!~

Hello again! I can’t believe we are at 32 weeks! I probably say that every week , but this is my first pregnancy and I never imagined that it would go by so so fast! I have had a feeling since the very beginning of this pregnancy that he will come at the end of July instead of his August due date. Some may say that’s wishful thinking , and maybe that is , but I really am feeling like July will be my last month of this pregnancy. Call me crazy I guess, but we’ll see here soon! Also I wanted to mention I have started a YouTube channel. It is a little late to be doing updates on there , but I realized I wanted to document my pregnancy and afterwards of course. So I have done a couple updates , a gender reveal , and I plan to keep doing update. I want to also do a what’s in my hospital bag , what’s in baby’s hospital bag , and maybe vlogs so my husband can watch once he leaves and monthly updates of the baby! So if you want to check that out as well you are more than welcome to. My channel name is just Lara Lowe , I will try to add a link for those who want to check it out though! 


So onto the updates! 

Baby Sanderson (according to the The Bump app I use) was

16.6 inches and 3.75 pounds

I know at the ultrasound on June 8th he was already 3.5 pounds so I’m sure that’s off , but anyways. At 32 weeks baby could have turned into the head down position (he was breech during the ultrasound but again could have turned by now) , his digestive system is all set , his bones are hardening every week getting ready for birth , and baby’s skin which was transparent is turning more and more opaque. Every week brings some cool things in my opinion , growing a tiny human is a pretty cool and crazy thing.

My symptoms 

I have noticed my symptoms aren’t changing very much anymore , I basically have the same symptoms but they come and go throughout the weeks. I guess there aren’t too many pregnancy symptoms to go through really , but it does get repetitive to write and I know read about so I’m sorry about that!

  • heart burn – ah yes the heart burn has returned yet again , either at night or randomly through the day
  • exhaustion-  This is just getting worse every day and every week
  • trouble sleeping – I go through phases of  going to sleep at like 9 and then I’ll wake up every hour after 1 am or something , or I wont be able to go to sleep until 3 am and I’ll wake up at like 7 am and not be able to sleep after. It’s great
  • restless leg – I was hoping this was going to be something that doesn’t last very long , but it’s still happening
  • braxton hicks – these have been happening still and getting worse
  • out of breath – I didn’t notice this until recently while I was editing a video but man I am very out of breath already when I speak
  • discharge – this isn’t something that has gone away at any point during this pregnancy , but it has gotten worse which is apparently normal unfortunately

So very quickly back to the braxton hicks thing , I will be 33 weeks when this is posted and like I said they have been getting worse and worse. I have always said he will be born at the end of July , and I know braxton hicks aren’t any indication that I will have a baby before my due date ,but with the way I have been feeling symptom wise added to the feeling I have that he will be here earlier. I would not be surprised at all if he came at 37-38 weeks. Which would be crazy , that would mean only 4 or 5 more weeks until we get to meet him. Of course I am not pushing for that to happen , I know the longer he stays in the better for him. It would just be crazy to be right about him being early is all.

But I think that is all I have to update on this week , so Thank you so much for reading!


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