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33 week update [High blood pressure?!]

33 Week pregnancy update!

It is already time for another update! This is one is a day behind because my husband is off work for the 4th of July and we have been spending time together.

Baby this week- My bump app says little man is 17.2 – 18.7 inches and 4.19 – 5.8 pounds or as big as celery! This app i found that edits pictures says the size of savoy cabbage ,( no idea sounds completely made up) but either way he is getting so big! It also says baby is going through some brain development , his immune system is developed and getting ready for life outside the womb , he’s keeping his eyes open when he’s awake now, and the thick white coating (verix caseosa) is falling off! We have less than 7 weeks to go which is so crazy (down to less than 6 as I type this because I’m 34 weeks and a day!) , we are so excited to meet him! 


On to symptoms- 

  1. headaches – I have continued to have headaches this week
  2. exhaustion – the exhaustion has continued and gotten much worse (if only I could get to sleep )
  3. back pain – I have had back pain off and on , it depends on the day
  4. braxton hicks – I have had braxton hicks randomly , they are starting to get more painful as I get farther along which I wasn’t quite prepared for
  5. nausea – the random bouts of nausea have also continued to happen as well

33 week and 5 day appointment 

So on June 30th I had an appointment which I figured would just be a super easy process. It was just supposed to be a regular appointment where they measure my stomach , listen to his heartbeat and ask if I have any questions or anything. Everything was going pretty smoothly I think I may have been called back a little past appointment time which is normal for a doctors office of course. I weighed and I have dropped a pound since my last appointment which I think I was almost 30 weeks then. The nurse took my blood pressure whenever we got back to the room. The first time he took it , it was 140/90 and he figured the machine was just being weird so he took it again and it was 128/87 I believe (my numbers are probably off because it’s been a couple days since the appointment). So he used that one and left me to wait on the doctor.  It took the midwife an hour to get to my room , that hasn’t happened for me at the hospital on base before so that was annoying as you could imagine. Whenever she came in she introduced herself because usually I see a different doctor every appointment , I assume so I am familiar with each doctor/midwife at the office before I have baby. She then started talking about how my blood pressure was high. We talked for a minute about that and she went ahead and measured me (I measured 34 weeks so just a few days ahead) and she listened to his heartbeat which sounded great. After that she decided to take my blood pressure again , the first time she took it I believe it was 140/92 and then like 120 something / 89 or 90 the second time she took it. So we decided it would be best for me to buy an automatic blood pressure machine and take it everyday for this week and I will go in again on the 7th. This is one of the reasons my headaches have came back and more than likely the reason for my nausea and lightheaded/dizziness. If I continue to have high blood pressure (which I have over the last few days) They will be checking my kidneys and liver and I will be diagnosed with gestational hypertension I believe and I will be monitored more closely than I have been through this pregnancy. I did get to ask briefly about getting induced , the midwife was obviously more focused on my blood pressure because it’s a serious situation , but she said if I do have gestational hypertension most woman are induced at 38/39 weeks anyways. Unless of course it gets worse than it is and I could be induced sooner. It could also turn into preeclampsia , which is what I have been concerned that I have since the whole headaches and things started up. So it is looking like baby boy could be here in 4-5 weeks . That is completely crazy and I wish the circumstances were better , but I am so excited to meet him and have him here. I believe that is all I have for now though , so I will update again next sunday/monday!

Thank you so much for reading! 



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