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34 weeks update ~ BP update

Hello all! Today I am back with my 34 week update! I can not believe I am already 35 weeks as I type this. It doesn’t seem real that really at any point now we could be welcoming little baby Lowe into the world. To me it still seems so far off. Honestly labor seems months away still whenever I start to think about it. Obviously at 35 weeks labor is always just around the corner. It’s just so hard to imagine we will be parents so soon. 

So onto the update! 

Baby: at 34 weeks baby is the size of  butternut squash , from 17.2 in – 18.7 in and 4.2 – 5.8 pounds


34 weeks and 2 days (also fourth of July pictures) 


  1. headaches
  2. stomach pains
  3. nausea 
  4. braxton hicks 
  5. heartburn 
  6. exhaustion 
  7. pregnancy brain 
  8. right side pain 

Most of my symptoms are the same as they have been the past few weeks , but I did want to throw in pregnancy brain even though I’ve experienced it like a majority of the pregnancy I haven’t mentioned it in my updates. It is so bad. I can’t remember things even after a couple minutes sometimes. The next thing I wanted to bring up was on the day I turned 34 weeks , and I believe the day before , I had super bad braxton hicks. I was contemplating going into triage because they were so bad.  I have had them off and on since ,and a few times they have been bad , but not as bad as they were that day. I really did think they were legit contractions.

I had an appointment to follow up with my blood pressure on Friday (July 7th). The midwife who came in was different than the one from my last appointment and had no idea I was told to monitor my blood pressure for the week and that’s why I was even told to come in. She was like ” looks like you had high blood pressure last time but its not today so it must have been an isolated thing” and I was instantly like actually why I was told to schedule my appointment this week was so I could monitor my blood pressure and it’s been high all week. That already put me off about the situation . I feel like it should have been noted in my chart that I was monitoring my blood pressure for the week and should have been seen by the same midwife. The midwife did all the normal things like measure my stomach which measured 33 weeks (I was 34 + 5 days)  , I know that measurement depends a lot on where baby is so I wasn’t really concerned with that. She listened to his heartbeat , that was in the 140’s-150’s and she then told me I have to go to get blood work done and go to triage to be monitored. The blood work and everything went fine and I went up to triage. It was my first time being there since up until this point my pregnancy hasn’t had any complications.   So I was hooked up to a blood pressure machine and a monitor for baby’s heartbeat. They monitored me for 30-45 minutes and said I was fine since my blood pressure wasn’t high for that amount of time. But I had to come back in the morning because my urine test came back with protein so I had to do a 24 hour sample.  The thing that gets me is the whole time I was being monitored I was laying down on my side and it was literally only monitored for 30-45 minutes. Of course taking my blood pressure at home isn’t guaranteed to be accurate.  But I can’t see how you can compare the too and it be accurate to diagnose me that way. Every time I took it I would be sitting up with my feet on the ground , and I’ve learned laying down can actually give you a lower reading . The next thing is I was taking mine through out the day , so 24 hours all week and they took it 3 time in 45 minutes. I was told to take it any time I was having a headache which is one of the symptoms of high blood pressure that I was having. Each time that happened I would have high blood pressure. I asked the nurse and she said it probably could’ve been machine error or I was taking it after being on my feet for too long. I was basically on bed rest . I would get up only to get a drink , go to the bathroom , or let our dog out.  So no  I wasn’t taking it after doing anything crazy. My husband also used it several times and never ever got a reading that was close to being high , it was always normal with him. So to me they aren’t really taking the situation seriously. To just brush it off and say no you don’t have high blood pressure makes me angry. This is a very serious situation when you are pregnant and I do not agree with how they handled the situation at all. Once I came back the next morning and they tested the 24 hour sample it came back fine and I was cleared to go.  So as of right now I have been told I am fine. My next appointment is July 17th so I suppose we will see then. I will have to ask again about being induced and ask about my blood pressure.  I believe that is where I will end this though until next update!

Thank you so much for reading! 



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