Nursery Tour!

Hello all! We just received our glider in the mail (bought by my grandmother just because she said she wanted too ), and I wanted to really quickly show the nursery. It isn’t technically as done as I want it to be , but it is as close as I can get it before he will be here. I know we probably won’t use it a ton right now and we may be moving as well , but I wanted to document how it was in this apartment. 

So as you can see we went with a woodland kind of bear theme. My husband loves hunting , fishing , bears , the woods in general . So we picked this theme trying to reflect a lot of what my husband wants our son to love also. Besides the fact that we bought thought it was super cute and all boy! I’m not sure if it’s something that’s super popular or not , that’s not something we really were concerned about when we started picking out themes and things for his room. The main thing that we based it around is the blanket that’s hanging on the front of his crib. That is where we got the colors from . There are somethings I still want to get or change though. I want a small table to put beside our glider so we can have maybe a small lamp and to put a drink or my phone , whatever I would need to nurse him or to put him to bed.  The pad on the changing table is brown and I would like for it to be changed to red or black. I would also like to get shelves to put on the wall for his books that we have gotten as gifts. The last thing is we need curtains once he does start sleeping in his room. I believe those are the only things that I want to change or that we still need to get. But baby Sanderson’s room is basically all ready for him to come home to. As I write this (July 10th) I am 35 weeks , so we can really have him at any point. We are so excited and can not wait to meet him! I hope you enjoyed , let me know what your nursery themes are or were! 

Thank you so much for reading! 


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