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My Labor and Delivery story!

Sanderson Bryce Lowe 

5 pounds 7 oz , 18 inches , born 12:57 am July 28th

So as you can see , I am here today to tell you I had my baby and I want to share my labor and delivery story! It actually ended up being stressful , but it was all so very worth it. (this will be a long post sorry in advance) 

On Tuesday , July 25th I had my 37 week + 2 day appointment . My blood pressure was high so I had to come back in the next morning, the 26th, with the information that if it was high again when  I came in that I would go straight to triage to be monitored and could potentially have to stay so I had to have my bag with me.  My blood pressure was high again and I was sent to be monitored.  My appointment I had went in for was at 9:40 and it took till around 2:35 that afternoon for a doctor to come in and let me know that I was diagnosed with gestational hypertension and they usually induce at 38 + 6. She left to get a date for me and a second opinion just to be sure she was telling me all the right things. She came back around 15 minutes later to say that she was told this hospital actually likes to induce as close to 37 weeks as they can when it comes to high blood pressure. Since I was already passed 37 weeks they asked me to come back in at 8 o’clock that night to start the induction process.  They warned me that if I wasn’t dilated at all it could take up to two or three days for me to actually have the baby.  At this point my husband was the only person I had told and we were torn between telling our parents or not telling them until baby was here or I was actually in labor.  

So I went home to eat dinner and meet my husband since he had been at work the entire time I was in triage. We had a friend come by and pick up our house key to be able to take the dog out while we were there and we headed to the hospital again.  By 9pm they had hooked me up to monitors and an IV. They also checked me and I was 1cm dilated and 25% , at that point they decided to place a bulb to get me more dilated. So that night we got as much sleep as we could and on July 27th at 10:30 (the next morning) they removed the bulb , let me shower and eat and then started pitocin. I believe I was around 3cm when they removed the bulb. Around 3- 5pm I was able to feel the contractions and they were actually painful , but still easy for me to breathe through. Finally between 6-8 pm they decided to break my water and at that point I was 6 cm and 90%. After that the contractions got more intense , but were still doable.  We had decided that morning to let our families know what was going on and they arrived shortly after my water broke so 9 or 10pm . 

This is the point where things got emotional and tricky. First I will say up until this point I hadn’t had any pain meds , I didn’t want an epidural but was open to gas and air or anything other than an epidural. My doctor and nurses had told me multiple times I was handling the pain fantastically and that I was hard to read because I was so calm and collected. They were very impressed through the whole labor process. The pain had gotten more intense at this point and my doctor told me I still had a few hours to go more than likely and in order to get some sleep I should probably get something for the pain. Against all I wanted and how far I had come with out any medication , I agreed to get an epidural. 

So this was around 11 , come to find out they had to place it twice to even get it in my back and maybe for 5 minutes it looked like it was working. This is the point where I became in so much pain that I couldn’t stand it. I was crying , grabbing the sides of the bed , and asking them to do anything to help. I felt completely defeated and even made my husband cry because he couldn’t handle seeing me in so much pain and not being able to help. My doctor checked me again and said I was still at 6cm and 90%. So they sat my bed completely up to try to help with the pain by changing positions. Maybe 10-15 minutes after that my body was pushing, and I couldn’t help it. I called my doctor in as soon as it started happening , but she insisted that I wasn’t ready and to not push. Which I wasn’t the one making my body push , it was doing it on its own. She left and at the next contraction which was maybe 2 minutes later my husband looked over at the baby’s heart monitor and it was in the 70’s which made us both panic and before either of us could hit the call button my doctor and nurse rushed in and made me get on my side to see if that would help his heart rate. When I turned my doctor said there was blood and thought I had torn my cervix from the pushing. She checked me again and I was at 10cm and 100%.  Baby was still high though and they put a monitor on his head to get a better reading of his heart rate. This all happened within maybe 2 minutes because at my next contraction I was pushing , I pushed once or twice and the doctor asked for the vacuum to help bring him down more.  I pushed for a total of 12 minutes and baby boy was born at 12:57 am on July 28th which was Friday morning. He was 5 pounds 7 oz and 18 inches long. 

They placed him on my stomach for a minute to let me see him and let my husband cut the cord , they then moved him to the bed to clean him and check him. It was so crazy to see him actually here. Like there really was a tiny baby growing inside of me. I couldn’t believe it and still kind of can’t. My husband was so supportive through each push , encouraging me nonstop , and cried the moment he saw Sanderson. Which my husband is never ever one to cry so it was obviously a moment for him as well. Sanderson did have to go to the NICU for a few hours due to him pulling in while breathing and breathing a little fast. Which was just from the stress of the birth. My husband went with him while I was stitched up because I did have two small tears , but after an hour I got to go see him and do skin to skin and breast feed. (Sanderson latched perfectly and has been great at feeding since) We were moved to a regular room by 3am and around 6:30 Sanderson was able to come be with us instead of the NICU. 

Now I want to say a few things. I never ever wanted an epidural,but my doctor and nurse made me feel like it was the only option I had to be able to take and edge off the pain and insisted I had several hours of labor left to go. Had my doctor realized and listened to me saying my body was ready to deliver I never would have agreed to one. But the contractions before my body took over and started pushing , I had told her there was no way these were just contractions and something was wrong or something was happening. She never once believed me or took me seriously because she’s the doctor not me (eye roll). The epidural got placed but never started working. So to me , yes I had an all natural birth besides the induction part. Agreeing to the epidural really defeated me and made me feel so sad and upset.It wasn’t something I wanted and had I been informed that it was getting so intense because baby was ready to come out , it never would’ve happened. The pain sucked and was bad, but I had been handling it just fine up until that point. and being a first time mom , I had no way of knowing how my body feels in labor and how my body would feel when it was time. The short time I was actually pushing proved to me that I can do it again naturally and that I can work through the pain again like I did until it got to the point that my body was ready to go ,and I know I’ll be more calm next time around because I’ll know how it feels. I wouldn’t give my self credit for a natural birth if I didn’t feel like I earned it and I feel like I did. (and if the epidural worked  I wouldn’t be saying that) Needless to say I’m not happy with our hospital or my doctor , and my labor wasn’t as I planned or thought it would go. But our beautiful baby boy is here and happy and healthy and that’s all I can ask for and that’s what matters 



Thank you so much for reading! 


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