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Breastfeeding – the first three months~

For this breastfeeding update we will go over the first 3 months of this journey. I will start at Sanderson's 48 hour appointment.  Night before this appointment Sanderson woke up and cried for hours , only settled right before leaving for this appointment , so I knew something was wrong. Once at there as the… Continue reading Breastfeeding – the first three months~

3 months · baby · baby boy · boy · Love · Marine Corps · Uncategorized · update · USMC

Sanderson’s 3 month update!

  ~3 months!~ - around 11 pounds  -was 21.3 inches last doctors appointment Loves: -bath time -playing with the toys on his play mat -“talking” -blowing bubbles -looking at the pictures on his walls -the ceiling fan -FaceTime with Dad -kisses Hates : -tummy time -being woken up -most diaper changes -the process of being… Continue reading Sanderson’s 3 month update!