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Sanderson’s 3 month update!


~3 months!~
– around 11 pounds 
-was 21.3 inches last doctors appointment

-bath time
-playing with the toys on his play mat
-blowing bubbles
-looking at the pictures on his walls
-the ceiling fan
-FaceTime with Dad

Hates :
-tummy time
-being woken up
-most diaper changes
-the process of being swaddled
-car rides currently

This month he started blowing bubbles , talking even more than last month , he’s been more aware of things like his pictures in his room or whoever is talking to him on FaceTime , He especially loves playing with toys that hang from his mat he likes to grab them and try to pull them to his mouth or just to kick and stare and babble to them . He still will roll over during tummy time ,but it’s still not every single time , he loves bath time but hates getting out , and also loves snuggling Momma or just talking and smiling after nursing. This month has been challenging with him suddenly becoming fussy , but it’s been so fun watching him play and learn! I can’t believe we’re already at 3 months.


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