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Sanderson’s 6 month update!

Sanderson Bryce is SIX months old!  I can not believe my little baby is already six months. A whole half a year! This has been the fastest six months of my life. I am excited to see him grow and learn in the next six months , but wish time would slow down as well.  He… Continue reading Sanderson’s 6 month update!

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Sanderson’s 4-5 Month updates!

        Hello everyone! Welcome back!  I'm going to go over Sanderson's four and five month updates. I hope y'all enjoy!      Starting with four months So on December 1st , Sanderson had his four month check up. He weighed 12.2 pounds ,was 23 inches , and head measured 42.5! At four… Continue reading Sanderson’s 4-5 Month updates!

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Breastfeeding – the first three months~

For this breastfeeding update we will go over the first 3 months of this journey. I will start at Sanderson's 48 hour appointment.  Night before this appointment Sanderson woke up and cried for hours , only settled right before leaving for this appointment , so I knew something was wrong. Once at there as the… Continue reading Breastfeeding – the first three months~

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Sanderson’s 3 month update!

  ~3 months!~ - around 11 pounds  -was 21.3 inches last doctors appointment Loves: -bath time -playing with the toys on his play mat -“talking” -blowing bubbles -looking at the pictures on his walls -the ceiling fan -FaceTime with Dad -kisses Hates : -tummy time -being woken up -most diaper changes -the process of being… Continue reading Sanderson’s 3 month update!

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My Labor and Delivery story!

Sanderson Bryce Lowe  5 pounds 7 oz , 18 inches , born 12:57 am July 28th So as you can see , I am here today to tell you I had my baby and I want to share my labor and delivery story! It actually ended up being stressful , but it was all so… Continue reading My Labor and Delivery story!

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34 weeks update ~ BP update

Hello all! Today I am back with my 34 week update! I can not believe I am already 35 weeks as I type this. It doesn't seem real that really at any point now we could be welcoming little baby Lowe into the world. To me it still seems so far off. Honestly labor seems… Continue reading 34 weeks update ~ BP update

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Moving on base or back home? -Military talk

Hello , I decided to write a little post to get everything off my mind. It would be great to know others opinions also! So I know I mentioned in a recent pregnancy update that a few weeks ago my husband and I found out some not so amazing news, He will be deploying close… Continue reading Moving on base or back home? -Military talk