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Second trimester (13 weeks – 20 weeks)

  (15 weeks and 3 days)      I know there is some people who say the second trimester starts after 12 weeks and ends at 27 weeks,but I'm going with 13 weeks to 28 weeks which is fine. I think a majority of people go by the same thing. I have no idea because… Continue reading Second trimester (13 weeks – 20 weeks)

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First trimester (6 week – 13 weeks)

   Call me crazy but a couple weeks before we found out I swore I knew I was pregnant. I'm still 95% sure I felt those implantation cramps and that's when I knew. Maybe it's because I wanted to be pregnant so bad , so I was paying closer attention to everything happening in my… Continue reading First trimester (6 week – 13 weeks)